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Image Source - irum
by Chloe Smith
November 26th 2012 by Chloe Smith

4 ways the social user will be shopping this Christmas

There’s now more than 1 billion smartphone users, 7.3 million daily Instagram users,  6.9 million Twitter users and 3.2 billion likes and comments on Facebook every day. So, how will these social-savvy users be shopping this Christmas?

1. Millions of 2012 shoppers will be armed with a smartphone

Ok, so you’re off out to do the Christmas shop, armed with your all-important smartphone. When you get into the shop, you whip it out to research competitor prices and make a quick purchase on your mobile. If you do this, you’re in good company…



2. Pinners are on the up

Are you a lover or a doubter of the power of Pinterest? Whatever your stance, the platform seems to be leading the way in influencing e-commerce.


3. A recommendation is worth its weight in gold

Online recommendations have shape-shifted as social networks have changed – but the power of the word-of-mouth is as strong as ever.


4. Bloggers become gift gurus

Facebook is becoming over-fished, and net surfers are looking for new territory for honest reviews. Users are turning to bloggers for quality opinions on products now more than ever – and there’s a huge pay off for brands and companies.