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by Mary-Ann Johnn
November 16th 2012 by Mary-Ann Johnn

Navigating the Social Technology Landscape: Part 1

Miranda Man, Social Business Strategist: Are you confused by social technology? Do you know your social media listening tools from your engagement tools? What is the difference between Yammer and Jive? How can I use these tools in my business?

To help, we are pleased to announce that we have written a report that provides an overview of a number of social tools. In this report, we have outlined use cases, case studies and key functionality. We will be looking at technology in the context of Social Business Intelligence (the progression from Social Media Marketing) and Enterprise 2.0. 

The report is attached at the bottom of this post.

To help you digest the report, over the next few weeks, we will be publishing a series of blog posts to summarise the key sections as follows:

1. Social Media Analytics and Social Media Listening Tools
2. Social Media Engagement and Content Creation Tools
3. Enterprise Social Platforms and Enterprise Activity Streams
4. Community Platforms and E-learning

This post will cover Social Media Analytics and Social Media Listening Tools, slides 11 – 24 of the report.

What are Social Media Analytics and Listening Tools?

Social Media Analytics and Listening Tools can be used to manage a company’s social media presence and online brand.

Analytics tools facilitate the quantitative analysis of social media metrics that are often taking place on owned social media channels. They enable companies to gather data from their social media channels for example, the number of fans and engagement rate. Typical functionality includes social interaction metrics and fan growth.

Listening tools extract and filter online conversations from social media platforms. They can help to derive meaning and sentiment from the mass of online noise. Typical functionality includes geo-tagging and sentiment analysis.

Quantifying data

Are you listening?







Why do I need to use analytics and listening tools?

Your customers are talking about your brand and company online – their voice is now louder than ever, powered by social media. Analytics tools will help you to quantify your social media presence whilst listening tools will help you to understand what your customers are saying about you. Put simply, these tools will assist you in identifying and learning about your customers and understanding their concerns.

How can I use them?

Analytics tools are ideal to determine brand reach and fan demographics. So, if you are not sure of the extent of your brand’s online presence or if your social media fans actually match your target audience then analytics tools can help.

Listening tools can help you to identify your company’s key influencers and to discover what your customers are saying about your brand.

How can I find out more?

To find out more about how you can use analytics and listening tools and to learn how other companies have used them, read our report! We will also put these tools in context of a social business.

Navigating the Social Technology Landscape from BLOOM Worldwide

We would also like to hear your thoughts on social media analytics and listening tools  – please comment below or send us a tweet on @bloomworldwide.

If this whets your social technology appetite or  you want to find out more about how BLOOM can help with identifying the right social tool for your company, please get in contact!