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by Paul Gunn
February 27th 2013 by Paul Gunn

Not another BLOOMin’ social business round-up: Feb 21-Feb 27

Hello and welcome to this week’s social business news round-up! An interesting article I read this week was written by Aida Mesinovic called ‘Social Media 2013: What Sites Are Most Important to Marketers This Year’. The article highlighted three key takeaways:

  1. B2B buyers, prospects and influencers are influenced by social. It’s not enough to be a participant; aspire to become the influencer of influencers.
  2. Map content plans to attract, engage and convert all the way across the sales cycle, don’t just focus on the top part of the sales funnel.
  3. You must analyze progress (key performance indicators) to optimize performance (business outcomes).


A big part of the article is a infographic, which helps you appreciate how much activity happens in just 60 seconds on the web. The infographic shows a wide range of stats across many different platforms and it puts how much the internet is used an what it is used for into perspective, with social/mobile  having massive usage. If you are a marketer this is especially useful for you so be sure to have a read!

Social media week in New York ended with the SUXORZ Awards, a set of awards which highlights the worst public gaffes and fails on social media. Leslie Meredith has written this article ”SUXORZ’ awards reveal biggest social media fails’. The article highlights Belvedere (a company that produces vodka) and a tweet that they sent out which accompanied an image, which showed a grinning man grabbing a shocked women from behind and the text over the top said ‘Unlike some people, Belvedere always goes down smoothly’. This tweet went down particularly bad and an apology was issued which was then brushed off by many.

Twitter’s top re-tweeted #socbiz article

The most re-tweeted social business article this week was written by Lindsay Lavine and is called ‘3 Ways to Make Your Brand Memorable on Social Media’.

The article focuses heavily on three main tips, each tip is a recommended strategy which your company could use to make them more memorable. Each tip  is accompanied with an article which is a relevant example which helps to explain each tip. The three main tips to come from the article are:

  • Do something people will remember.
  • Engage with your followers/fans.
  • Tap into the cultural zeitgeist.


The article also features a YouTube video which is example of an advertisement campaign from ‘Red Mango’ which is aimed to promote their new product ‘Honey Badger’. This is a good example of when a company has used social media to promote their brand, as the founder of the company Dan Kim tapped into  e popularity of the viral video ‘Crazy Nasty Honey Badger‘,  which has more than 56 million views on YouTube, when Red Mango created its honey yogurt flavor, named “Honey Badger.” Customers who recognized the video took pictures of the yogurt in stores and posted them on Instagram. After a while the product itself became a top seller, check out the video below to see their advert.

BLOOM’S pick of the week

Louise Winters our Senior Business Strategist chose our pick of the week and she writes:

Our pick this week, from Brian Solis, is called ‘Are Businesses Invading Consumer Privacy By Listening to Social Media Conversations?‘ and is a winner for us both in terms of content and structure of the article. He’s chosen to share some stats and some thoughts on how consumers feel about being listened to by brands on social media. His thesis is that brands need to be sensitive about how they then approach and engage with consumers in social spaces, advice that we would definitely agree with.

What we also love is that he has had a dive into the data, thrown up some contradictory statistics and helped us make sense of them with by putting a qualitative, interpretive spin on it. This methodology completely aligns with our methodology here at BLOOM. What this thoughtful snapshot of the data also provides is some indications of how to make this work in practice, which again gets a thumbs up from us.

Companies doing it right

And this week’s award for “companies doing it right” goes to….CocaCola, for its refreshing approach to using data for social success. As a mammoth brand in social as well as “real life” CocaCola isn’t short of data. But it’s not all about quantity when it comes to the effective use of data, as Justin De Graaf discussed in a recent #pivotcon Twitter chat. A man after our own hearts, he talked about using insights from data to drive decision-making, and the importance of applying context to derive real meaning. Some highlights from Pivot’s Twitter chat below.

Oh and by the way, in case you’re interested, Coke’s marketing strategy is on YouTube for all to see: